Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sorry for the Wait

I know I haven't posted anything in a few months, got really busy with my internship and family issues. So now I have returned with updates. My birthday was great, the office surprised me with cupcakes from one of those big cupcake places you see on Food Network. I finally bought a new tablet-PC but had to send it back last week since it stopped turning on. Also bought a Nook, which I'm happy to say I use all the time. July was pretty much all about my internship and the annual BBQ at my oldest cousin's house in Jersey. As usual, it was a "fake it til you make it" kind of event. Handed out a lot of business cards to very interested persons though. It felt good to see that my artwork was being recognized. Let's see, what else am I missing? Oh of course, how can I forget August, September and October!? August was my mom's birthday and my internship was extended until August 30th, which I was only happy about because of the extra funds to my savings. Other than that I wasn't really learning much or being challenged. September was my brother's birthday, went to Boston with my mom and Aunt, and I got extremely depressed. It got so bad I attempted suicide many times and the last time I ended up drinking bleach and being sent to a lock up unit. I should have been scared but I wasn't at all. I felt like nothing mattered anymore. My best friend started dating the father of my unborn child, never told me and she went ahead telling him herself when it clearly wasn't her place. To make matters worse, every little fight they had was somehow my fault and I had no clue what was going on in the outside world. I couldn't find I job and being done with school was making things worse too. When I got out I decided I wanted to get away from all the BS around me. I went to see Neurologist after because I started experiencing Vertigo. So now I'm on medicine that works to help my depression as well as fight the dizziness. My father and I took a trip to San Francisco. We were there the week of Halloween which was the coolest trip so far. Being away from NY felt so good and I didn't want to come back. I tried looking for jobs over there just so I could move away and leave the crap behind. I'm still looking, by the way. When we were coming home, out flight was almost delayed because of the shooting at LAX. That next week was my dad's birthday, I know a lot of birthdays, right! I think that covers everything up until this point.  I am doing better now, a bit more positive each day. It's a slow process but I am getting out of the dark place I was in. Now that I'm still unemployed and painting requests have declined(feel free to contact me if you'd like one), I'll be able to update this blog more often. Until next time...

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