Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Been a While

So I am now a college graduate. Graduation was great. It was a clear day, no problems and went fast. Unfortunately though on the way home my transmission went and my car had to be towed all the way home. It sucks not having a car but no one has called me to do random things for them. My best friend who's a mechanic came this morning to check it out and will help my dad this weekend either fix it or junk it. I don't know but I will be in Barbados until Sunday. Been there so many times I can't even count but going to my favorite beach makes me happy. One of my new friends has asked me to design a website for her so I can't wait to get back and get started. I have my own website, so since hers will be for what mine is about, she is looking at mine for ideas. I'm all packed, just want to get on the plane already. I'll try to remain calm this trip as this mini vacation is just me and my mom. The last time it was just the two of us was when I was a baby. That was over 20 years ago. Hopefully she leaves me to my ocean and book. That way my head is clear for work when I get back to NY. I really wish my dad and brother were going too. It's more fun because they know how to swim and have fun. If my dad didn't have the opening of the new Delta Terminal 4 this weekend then I'm sure he would have come too. It's not going to be the same without those two but I'll have a book and the ocean to distract me. Oh and good real food too! Fishcakes and bake, yum!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graduation Rehearsal

So today was my rehearsal for graduation. It definitely was a long day. From construction traffic to being lost in Brooklyn, I'd say I'm super tired. Spent time with an old friend but it still felt lonely. It finally hit me as I cried in the car as soon as I drove into Queens. I'm graduating. Life begins. Still can't get a job. My head really hurst from the sun being so hot today. I feel even more alone as each day passes. Maybe I'm depressed. But who wouldn't be in this world we live in. Well that's it for this, it was a long day of just driving. Ugh.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Time

So this isn't my first time blogging. I've used blogs for various classes during my four years at the mount, my collage. Just thought I'd create a new one just to vent since it looks like I don't have any true friends. People these days are not what they used to be. I graduate in three days and I'm freaking out but no one cares or sees it. My stress and anxiety levels are getting up there and my psoriasis on my hands is getting worse because of it. I really wish I could relax but as usual, I have to do everything. My father and brother do absolutely nothing. It's me and my mom but she goes to a million gym classes so that just leaves me. I'm physically tired from lifting and moving things that are way too heavy for me. I already have bad knees, back etc.. No one listens to me, I get blamed for everything, and I'm so tired of all of it. I made this blog so that maybe someone out there reads it and maybe truly wants to help me by becoming true friends. I just want to get a job and get out of this house. Sometimes the only place to let go of your own stress is the Internet. I just hope no one takes my thoughts the wrong way, as things like this are posted on the Web.